Your house is fully packed up, and the last box has been loading; that last thing left is to hit the road and make the journey to your new home. Events can be pretty unpredictable when you are on the road, and you never know when disaster may strike. The longer you are on the road, the higher your chances are that you could get struck by bad luck. We are going to be discussing a few ways that you should prepare yourself for a long-distance move when you are traveling.  

What To Do with Unexpected Delays

If you are using a professional moving team to transport your personal belongings to your new home, you could run into the slight chance that you arrive a few days before the truck does. Things like severe weather and route issues could cause you to be without a majority of your belongings. 

To avoid this being a catastrophe, here are a couple of things that you can do. Pack enough clothes that will last you a few days until the truck arrives. 

When packing your car, make sure that you put a few kitchen essentials in when packing. Things like a couple of pots and pans with utensils will save you from wasting money on restaurants while you are waiting. Another thing you can do is invest in a good air mattress. This will help you avoid having to stay in a hotel and wasting more money.

Managing Fuel Prices

Currently, gas prices are ridiculous and can damage your wallet, especially with moving trucks that don’t get the greatest mileage. Plan for this ahead of time by budgeting for it a few months in advance so you won’t be depleting your account. Another good tip is to find a gas finder app for your smartphone. This is helpful when you need to find the cheapest gas in your current area while traveling.

Preparing for Emergencies

Like it was said before, the longer on the road you travel, the chances of bad luck increase. Anything from a fender bender to a blown tire can ruin everyone’s travel. What you can do to help manage these situations is always to have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Always travel with a portable phone charger in case you get stranded; this will help with the longevity of your phone’s battery life. Before you set off, look into roadside services like AAA or OnStar. 

These options will help you get back on the road to go to your new home.

Preparing for Unexpected Damages

This step can actually be achieved when you first start packing. When packing your fragile items, ensure you are doing it securely to avoid the chances of them breaking. Your kitchen items, for example, can be put in a specific glassware box that offers more protection than a standard box and be sure to use paper buffers and bubble wrap. 

Another good way to prevent this is to find a professional moving company that offers a full-service packing option, like Westheimer Transfer and Storage. Packers and movers are professionally trained for this exact reason, to prevent your belongings from being damaged. In an extra step of damage security, consider purchasing your moving company’s protection plans that will reimburse you for damages.

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