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How do you make sure your valuables are safe despite the chaos of relocating? Items like fine art, equipment, and heirlooms should all be treated with care to ensure they’re safely protected. When moving high-value items, it’s important to use precaution when handling, packing, and transporting your belongings. Use these tips for transporting and insuring high-value items for your next move.

Use Professional Materials and Custom Crating

One of the most important steps to keeping your items safe is by using the correct materials. Quality packing materials, such as strong boxes, bubble wrap, and secure tape will prevent the risk of accidental damage. The last thing you need to worry about is a box that breaks through the bottom or gets crushed by other items. Make sure to label all boxes clearly so that they can be handled with care.

As you pack, you should also take care to make sure items are packed according to their specifications. For example, items like mirrors and fine art should be placed in a tight box so that they don’t shift around, while furniture should be tightly wrapped. Specialized items, like musical instruments, can be placed in custom crates. Custom crating is a popular service that is designed with your items’ exact measurements in mind.

Store Items in a Climate-Controlled Setting

If you need to store items temporarily, look for moving and storage companies that know how to secure high-value belongings. The storage company you choose should have services for different types of items through climate-controlled spaces, racking, and palletization. They should also be monitored around the clock with:

  • Interior Surveillance
  • Exterior Surveillance
  • Theft Prevention Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems

Purchase Insured Protection

When it comes to precious items, you can never be too secure. One way to ensure your items are protected is by purchasing insurance on your valuables. Many moving and storage companies offer additional valuation protection through specialized moving policies.

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