Moving in warm weather can be a complex process. The harsh sun and humid atmosphere can be draining even on the best of residential movers. However, a successful home relocation during the warmer months of the year is still possible when the following tips are applied.

Wear Comfortable and Protective Clothing

Stick to cotton wear, sports apparel, and breathable clothing to help wick away moisture. For your safety and to avoid sweaty hands, wear gloves with good grips for quality handling. Your shoes should be a closed-toes variety instead of sandals. This way, your toes are protected from stubs and bruises. 

If Possible, Arrange for Your Kids/Pets to Stay with Family or Neighbors

With the doors of your home open for most of the day, the air conditioning can’t do much to keep your home at a cooler temperature. That’s risky for kids/pets. It’s best to arrange for them to be in a more climate-controlled environment in a friend’s/relative’s home.

Have Plenty of Bottled Water on Hand

Everyone involved in the moving process should have a choice of either room-temperature bottled water or cold bottled water to help them stay hydrated. If you’re going to work with professionals from a residential moving company, it’s a touch of class to have water for them, too. 

Try to Maintain a Comfortable Home for Those Left Behind

Some members of your home won’t take part in the process, at least not all of it. It’s expected that your air conditioning won’t keep the home cool enough while the doors remain open. You can run some fans to help with cooling. 

If there’s some breeze outside and you have windows or doors opposite each other in any room, you can ask the home movers to leave all of them open. This way, the rooms allow some breeze in for cross-ventilation. 

Service Your Vehicle Before Driving Long Distances

If you’re going to drive, ensure your vehicle is recently serviced. Make sure your vehicle has enough coolant and a functioning AC to prevent you or the vehicle from overheating while in transit. 

Take Things Easy

Moving is manual labor, even for seasoned long-distance movers. When you add warm weather to the mix, the process becomes more demanding on your body. If you think the heavy lifting will be too much for you in the warm weather, engage a moving and storage company to organize the lifting and moving for you. 

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