With your scheduled date for a home relocation drawing closer, you’re left wondering about the best ways to move your properties without getting hurt. That’s because it’s a risky prospect to move some items without the help of residential movers. However, you can rely on some proven tips to get your move right without exposing yourself to back strains, twisted joints, and other injuries. 

Wear Proper Clothing

No fancy clothes or anything likely to get trapped or pulled during a move. Your clothes should be functional without being too big or too tight on you. Aim for flexible clothes and shoes with closed toes and quality traction underneath so that it’s practically impossible to slip and fall. Open shoes leave your toenails at risk of getting smashed. Gloves will also work a treat with good grip and less sweaty palms when moving larger items. 

Stretch and Warm Up

Since you’re not as trained as Houston long-distance movers, you’d best add some light stretches and warp up in your plan. Moving is a demanding task that needs adequate preparation, especially for your muscles and heart rate. Take a walk and flex a bit to loosen your joints so that your body is ready for the task ahead. 

Limit Maximum Weight

There’s no point carrying so many things at once because your neck, back, and other joints will be at risk of sprains and twists. Avoid these injuries by putting a cap on what you can conveniently carry. Instead of carrying a single, heavy box, use multiple smaller boxes to spread the weight. 

Apply Proper Lifting Techniques 

It’s possible to lift items like trained home movers, but only if you observe certain steps, such as ensuring your feet are well-spaced to give your body a good base to lift objects and standing as close as you can to the object. Also, tighten your stomach while lifting and setting down any large item. Bring the object closer to your body and avoid leaning forward when carrying it. Your lift will be smooth when you engage muscles in your hips and knees and use squats to drop heavier items. 

Maintain Clear Pathways

Moving your items like residential movers in Houston means you have to create and maintain clear pathways leading out of your home or to the moving truck outside. Take out slippery carpets, toys, and other objects that may cause you to trip and get injured. 

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