One of the trickiest steps in the moving process is knowing how to pack items in a way that prevents damage during transit. While some items (like linens and books) can be moved easily and don’t require much thought when packing, other items need a bit more thought. When it comes to relocating artwork like sculptures, statues, or large, framed works, don’t risk damaging these irreplaceable pieces. Likewise, large-screen TVs and mirrors are expensive belongings that you neither want to break nor deal with the hassle of cleaning up their broken glass.

Use Professional Materials to Pack

A trustworthy moving company will have an assortment of packing materials for customers to choose from. These packing methods ensure that each item is protected with materials that work best for it. For example, moving pads are the perfect option for mirrors. Their extra padding protects mirrors from sharp corners on items like dressers and coffee tables. Large-screen TVs can be safely stored in boxes that are specifically crafted to fit their nonstandard dimensions. Custom wood crating options are ideal for sculptures, which often are designed in irregular shapes.

Don’t Skip These Steps

It can be tempting to pack everything quickly and go about your move, but don’t skip vital steps that can protect your wallet. Take photographs of your belongings before they’re packed away in boxes. You’ll have proof of their condition before the move. These pictures can be compiled to create an inventory of your belongings so that you have a record of everything that left your current location. Another important step is purchasing full valuation coverage. Don’t settle for the basic option, as that’ll only reimburse according to an item’s weight.

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