When moving to a new home, regardless of whether you are executing a local- or long-distance move, it’s highly important to organize and plan your move appropriately. When planning your move, scheduling the relocation date is one of the most crucial aspects to consider.

Typically, an estimated 60-70% of Americans that move within a calendar year schedule their moving dates during the summer and spring season, because of the nicer weather and because school is out of session. Because this can be considered as the peak moving season, moving companies are usually extremely busy this time of year, making it difficult for homeowners to find movers and book appointments at their preferred dates.

Before you book your move, take a look at this article on scheduling your move before peak moving season from the experts at Westheimer Transfer & Storage, and learn more about the different advantages and drawbacks of moving to a new home during the peak moving season.

Advantages of Moving During Peak Moving Season

As the weather becomes warmer, it can definitely feel more enticing to think about spending time outdoors in a move. Moving during the winter, for instance, means freezing hands, less daylight or natural light, rain or snow, and potential accidents and injuries due to slippery roads.

Another huge advantage of moving over the summer season is that the school year is over. Moving mid-year can cause a lot of stress for households with students. Because the school is out during the summer, your children are able to help and participate in the moving process, while enjoying an interrupted transition to a new school.

The peak moving season is also garage sale season. When you move to a new home, it is the perfect time to declutter and save some space in your new home. You can do this by going through your belongings and deciding which ones to bring with you and which ones to sell, donate, or dispose of. Once you’ve collected the items that you can sell, you can open a garage sale and enjoy the extra income.

Disadvantages of Moving During the Peak Season

As convenient as it might seem to move over the summer season, it’s worth it to consider the following points if your schedule is flexible. Here are some important disadvantages when it comes to choosing the peak season for your relocation this year:

·  More Expensive: Because the demand for moving services spike up during the summer and spring seasons, moving companies normally increase their rates as well. If you want to strike a better deal, better plan ahead and schedule your move before the peak season.

·  Inconvenience: During the peak moving season, it can get difficult to schedule your move because moving companies are fully booked. Thus, you would have to go through all the hassle of finding a new mover, and at the same time, take care of other tasks related to the move.

·  Less Flexibility: When you decide to move during the peak season, the dates—especially the weekends—are typically fully booked. With this, you may be forced to adjust your move date.

·  Traffic Congestion: Summer is a busy time of year and moving during the peak season can mean having to deal with the heavy traffic and parking issues.

The No. 1 Choice Among Moving Companies

After weighing the pros and cons of moving during the peak moving season, it is now up to you to decide if you would push through with it or opt for a move date during the off-peak season. If you are looking for a trusted moving company for your relocation needs, consider the family-owned and operated Westheimer Transfer & Storage for your residential relocation needs.

Since 1883, we have been helping homeowners within Houston make smooth and easy moves to new destinations in Texas and around the world. As a reliable agent of Allied Van Lines since its inception in 1929, Westheimer Transfer & Storage is proud of our solid track record of satisfied clients and our world-class resources for local and long-distance moving.

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