Cleaning out your old house and moving out can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be a pain to the environment.'s recent post Green Moving Tips shares a few ways to help the environment as your move date approaches.

When cleaning out a house, many people end up throwing away several items that they will have no use for in the new home. The post notes that rather than just trashing these goods, you could have a garage sale, donate to charity or recycle.

The blog also mentions that while cleaning out your old home, you can easily use eco-friendly products. Also, instead of using rolls and rolls of paper towels to clean, wipe down your house with some old rags or t-shirts that you would likely end up tossing anyway.

If you choose to handle your packing on your own, the blog notes that you can find alternatives for packing supplies such as newspapers or blankets that can keep your goods safe. This would not only help the environment, it would also save you some money.