Professional mover in front of a truck

No matter how large of a move you may be planning, the process will always be at least a little stressful. There are many elements to consider during a relocation, including packing and transportation. Rather than handling this all yourself, why not trust a professional moving and storage company? Many companies, including Westheimer Transfer & Storage, offer full-service moving options so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

Full-service moving is exactly what the name implies. When you hire this service, you'll be able to completely kick back and let the moving team handle all the work. The only thing you're responsible for is getting yourself and your family to your new home, where everything will be waiting for you. The benefits of investing in this are hard to ignore.

You Won't Have to Worry About Packing Materials

Locating packing materials can be a big task that many families simply don't have time for. While you can certainly scour all the local department stores to collect boxes, or try to find some free ones lying around, it's normally a better use of time to have your moving company provide them. A full-service residential mover will have a wide assortment of packing materials, ensuring that everything receives the proper protection and transport box it needs.

The Annoying Task of Packing is Taken Care Of for You

No one likes packing. Often the most time-consuming part of a move, it can be stressful to neatly organize everything as the moving day approaches. Rather than handling all this yourself, why not hire a full-service mover? Although more costly, full-service moving includes careful packing of all your belongings. You can leave your home exactly how it is and the moving company will take care of it. Many full-service packers also provide the following:

  • Specialized Moving and Packing 
  • In-Home Custom Crating
  • Piano Moving
  • Vehicle Moving

Your Home Will Be Ready When You Arrive

One of the best benefits of hiring long-distance full-service movers is that they will set up your home for you. Once you arrive and open the door, you'll find that everything is installed exactly how you want it. This even includes things like furniture, reducing your need to do any work once you relocate.

Trust the Experts at Westheimer Transfer & Storage

If full-service moving is of interest to you, Westheimer Transfer & Storage is the team to call. Since 1883, we have been the Houston area's trusted residential, international, and commercial mover. We proudly offer full-service moving and packing to all of our customers, as well as comprehensive storage options.

We're accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have won multiple awards, so there's no question we have the competencies your family needs. Reach out to us today to secure a free quote.