Since 1883 Westheimer Transfer & Storage has been mastering the art of properly packing residential moving materials. We often hear that families are worried about how to properly pack different fabrics for a successful move, so we put together a list of helpful tips for our valued customers. Do not hesitate to ask us any additional packing questions by calling us today!

Suits & Dresses

Any kind of formal wear or dry-cleaning materials that you do not want wrinkled should be hung up in a wardrobe box. These tall boxes are made with metal bars for proper hanging of your clothes. You can buy these boxes at some local stores and at local moving company locations. Some moving companies offer loaner wardrobe boxes for simple local moves. 

Cherished Items

If you want your special items to avoid dirt, tears, and water damage during transport you should store them in durable plastic bins. We suggest packing seasonal decorations, custom craftwork, and quilts in these types of movable boxes. It is even suggested to store these items in plastic bins when in storage around your home.


If you do not need your curtains in your new home, leave them behind. However, if you had your curtains custom made and want to bring them on your next long-distance move, we suggest placing them on a hanger and covering them with plastic for protection. If your curtains are not too large you can even hang them in your wardrobe box.

Mattresses & Box Springs

Most moving companies have affordable mattress bags to help move your mattress during your next residential move. This bag will help protect your mattress from dirt and water damage. You can also upgrade your moving protection and get a mattress box that will protect against tears while in the moving truck. 

Every Day Clothing

Our moving company mostly uses mid and large-size moving boxes to relocate clothing items. We always suggest you check the weight limit on a moving box so you do not over pack, especially when packing leather and denim. You can also keep clothing in your dresser drawers, but make sure to check that your drawers are properly secure before your next residential move. Moving companies sell large rubber bands or shrink wrap to help with this!

Moving Furniture

Ottomans, chairs, and sofas need to be properly covered both for moving and transportation. We find it best to cover your furniture with plastic shrink wrap for moving and then while in the moving van your furniture should also be covered with a moving pad.  

Antique Furniture and Fabric Artwork

Any item that has monetary value should be properly packed, but canvas artwork and fabric furniture need extra care and attention. We suggest you invest in custom crating to provide optimal support and structure around your items. Westheimer Transfer & Storage would love to help with these items. Call us today for a free quote.