When planning your move, the choice of boxes you use is an important decision. The box type will ensure your items arrive safely and aren’t damaged during the move. From large to small boxes, there are a lot of variations on the market.

If you want to ensure you have a smooth moving process, you need to learn about the various types of boxes on the market. This article will discuss what types of boxes are available during your move.

Small, Medium, and Large Moving Boxes

There are several different-sized boxes available depending on the items. If you have small items, a small box can hold several types of items. Whether you need them for books or canned goods, you can group them in a small box. 

The most versatile type of box is the medium-sized box, which can accommodate a wide range of items. However, the box must have a weight limit rated for the amount of weight within the box. 

Lastly, you can use a large box during your move. A large box is best suited for lightweight items that are bulky. Some examples of these items include bed sheets, pillows, stuffed animals, or blankets. 

Specialized Moving Boxes

Depending on the items you are bringing with you, there are specific boxes that ensure the items remain safe. These boxes feature dividers or organization features that allow for an easier moving process. 

While transporting fragile glassware, you should place them in a dish pack box that allows you to separate small fragile items. These dividers help protect the glassware from breaking when moved. 

If you want to avoid wrinkling formal attire or high-value clothing, your best option is a wardrobe box. These boxes feature metal clothes hanging rods you can use to hang your clothing during the relocation. 

An electronics box is ideal for relocating common household electronic items. Some of the most common items are: 

  • Sound Systems

  • Desktop Computers

  • Microwave Ovens

Lastly, you can utilize file boxes to organize your documents and personal files. If you don’t plan on moving a filing cabinet, this box will keep your belongings in an organized fashion and help you locate them after the move. 

Extra Large Box Styles

When you need to transport large items, there are numerous boxes you can use to put your items in during the move. Whether you want to transport a TV or mattress, there are options for you. 

A TV box is designed to fit a large television and protect its screen from being damaged during the move. If you want to protect your mattresses, you can choose to place the mattress in a bag or a high-quality box. 

Lastly, very large boxes feature carrying handles for fragile items like mirrors or wall art. Additionally, you can utilize extra tall boxes for narrow and slim items like golf clubs, fishing poles, or floor lamps. 

Custom Crates

When all of these boxes don’t fit the criteria for your items, you can choose custom crates from a team of professional residential movers. A professional moving company will create the ideal crate to fit your needs. 

Whether you are transporting antiques, fine art, or a piano–there are custom solutions you can use for your needs. Talk to your local moving company to learn about their custom crating solutions. 

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