When it comes time for you and your family to move, you may be shocked or overwhelmed by all of the possessions you own. Where exactly is all of it going to go? In many cases, you may be unable to transfer all of your old home’s belongings to your new one, and getting rid of your extra possessions may not be possible. Many objects are sentimental and simply cannot be disposed of, and if you’re trying to sell everything else it can be quite time consuming. 

Don’t feel in a rush to sort out all of your belongings and find a place for each one. Warehouse storage offered by a reliable moving company like Westheimer Transfer and Storage can easily solve your problem.  Many long distance movers own a storage facility where their customers can store their home’s items, either short or long term. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might need this service, and the benefits of doing so.

Reasons Why You Might Need Houston Warehouse Storage 

There’s a variety of reasons why a homeowner might need to utilize a third party storage facility. In many situations, a person’s current home can sell before their new home closes. When this happens, individuals and families generally find alternative temporary housing in the meantime. When they do this though, they’re stuck without a place to keep all of their items. Placing it all into a warehouse storage facility will help you keep everything neat and organized and ready to move once you close on your new house.

Another possible reason is that your new home is much smaller than your current home, and there just isn’t room for all of your belongings. You’ll need time to sort through everything you value and decide what you’d like to get rid of. Putting everything into storage is an excellent placeholder for all of your belongings.

Benefits of Using a Storage Warehouse Provided by Residential Movers

Choosing to use your own mover’s warehouse storage facility comes with a large list of benefits when compared to traditional storage:

  • Large Square Footage Warehouses: With ample space and ceiling high storage racks, your items will be categorically organized and easily accessible when it's time to move.

  • Accident Resistance: Warehouse storage comes with fire and theft protection to secure your valuable home goods.

  • 24/7 Security: On site security teams and constant video surveillance ensure your stored items will never be tampered with.

  • Quickly Available: When it comes time to move, your moving company will quickly pack up all of your belongings from their storage facility and deliver them to your new home.

Don’t Hesitate, Get Your Home’s Items Into Storage Today!

If you think a warehouse storage facility would be advantageous to your move, consider enlisting Westheimer Transfer and Storage to provide comprehensive service. Our trusted residential movers have been assisting Houston homeowners relocate since 1883. After four generations, we’re still family owned and operated and provide a variety of moving and storage services for home’s of all sizes.

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