You probably already know that the moving industry has a peak season. What you may have not realized is there are advantages to moving outside that window. Typically, the busiest time of the year for people to move is between May and September. This is because the weather is usually nice and predictable and because it’s easier on kids to move between school years.

Our team at Westheimer Transfer & Storage are here to talk about the benefits (and drawbacks) of moving during the offseason instead. That way, you can make an informed decision about your upcoming move.

Make Your Move More Affordable

Moving during the offseason will usually be more affordable because the companies want the business during the slower months. They will offer promotions and discounts to ensure you get a good deal and that they still get their business. 

To top it off, you’ll most likely get a good deal on your home. In many cases, the real estate market slows down during the wintertime, which means you can most likely purchase a home for less.

Enjoy More Flexibility and Faster Delivery Times

One of the best things about moving during the offseason is you get to have much more flexibility when it comes to planning. For starters, you’ll be able to choose your preferred movers because there will be much more available. This will also help with scheduling your move in day.

The Disadvantages of Moving During the Offseason

While there are many advantages to planning a move during the offseason, it comes with it’s downfalls, too. Namely, you have to deal with more unpredictable weather, which can increase the chance of damages to your items when they’re in transit and be more dangerous, too.

Bad weather can also lead to you and your movers tracking dirt and debris into your new home as you unpack. Other than that, the low real estate prices can negatively impact you when you’re trying to sell your home.

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