There are different ways to actively help the environment during a move, such as limiting carbon emissions and other footprints that could prove harmful in the long run. Houston long-distance movers is a team of competent professionals here to help you with such tips geared towards remaining environmentally conscious as you relocate. Our residential movers in Houston go the extra mile with actionable and beneficial tips you can use during any move. 

Tips for Moving Companies to Help the Environment

1. Combine Smaller Shipments

If you have a number of customers moving cross-country, you can combine their smaller shipments in a single truck. It doesn’t just save you a number of trips and money for gas but goes a long way to limit carbon emissions harmful to the environment. 

2. Re-Use Wardrobe Boxes 

Re-using boxes hardly presents any challenge and goes a long way to help the environment. Rather than make such boxes end up in landfills, you can re-use them to transport your client’s hangable clothing items. 

3. Use Blankets and Rubber Bands

Some movers use different means to move larger items, which could harm the environment. For example, tapes leave waste behind after use, and shrink-wrap isn’t much better. Blankets and large rubber bands are better alternatives to protect large items while moving. They provide a more secure outer padding and don’t contribute to environmental wastes. 

4. Apply Eco-Friendly Practices 

A moving company should use eco-friendly practices that help the environment rather than add to the depleting earth. Some of the practices you can incorporate include: 

  • Using Wind/Solar to Power Your Facilities 
  • Using Recycled Office Equipment and Materials 
  • Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies and Agents
  • Servicing and Using a Fleet of Trucks in an Environmentally Friendly Way

Tips for Moving Clients to Help the Environment

1. Proper Disposal of Household Chemicals

Paints, gases, oils, and other chemicals can be found in homes or garages. When you’re moving, it only makes sense to dispose of them per local community guidelines. Such chemicals and substances contain harmful toxins that could harm the environment if wrongly disposed of. 

2. Proper Disposal of Unwanted Electronics 

If you feel equipment, electronics, or appliances are no longer useful to you, dispose of them according to the local community guidelines. With electronics, you have items that hardly degrade and parts that are recyclable. 

3. Donate Unwanted Items 

Clothing and other household items you don’t need can be donated to charity. Throwing them away only adds to landfills and other wastes. Charity organizations will definitely find uses for them. 

4. Donate Non-Perishable Food Items

It could be quite an ordeal moving non-perishable food items to your new location. A good idea is to donate these food items to a local food pantry. 

5. Use Soft Items for Padding 

Soft padding will protect your more delicate and precious items, such as art and antique works. Towels, blankets, and clothing are good candidates to preserve your delicate items during a move. 

6. Work with an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

Moving companies have the biggest role to play in protecting the environment. Before engaging any moving company, ensure that they follow most of the tips outlined above. Some of the measures a company can take include using the shortest routes to limit carbon emissions and using recyclable equipment. 

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