There are many reasons that can lead to you or a senior loved one needing to make a long-distance move and leave a permanent home. Retirement, health-related concerns, or wanting to be closer to family can make it time for a senior citizen to move a long distance away. 

Our Houston long-distance movers at Westheimer Transfer & Storage want to offer you their best tips for downsizing, communicating with your moving team, moving medical equipment, and more. It is important to choose a moving provider trained in long-distance moving for senior citizens, which is why our long-distance movers are here to help when you’re deciding which team is best for the job. 

Work with a Moving Company that Communicates in a Way You Feel Comfortable With

Do video calls make you or a loved one nervous? Is a relative you’re helping move uncomfortable with texting and would prefer a phone call? Letting your moving company know how you or the senior client prefers to talk with the team is crucial for open communication. 

Make sure you choose a moving company that is happy to accommodate your communication preferences, whether it be by: 

  • Phone Calls
  • Texting 
  • Emails
  • Video Calls

Give Yourself Lots of Time for Downsizing 

If you or a senior loved one is moving into a home with less room than a current permanent home, then downsizing possessions may be necessary. Give plenty of time to decide which items will make the move and which will not, because personal belongings have memories and sentimental value attached to them. Any items that can’t make the move can always be donated to a favorite charity, which can make parting with valuables easier. 

Consider Full-Service Packing and Unpacking Options 

Do you want to save yourself or a loved one time, manual labor, and hassle? Full-service packing and unpacking, like the services provided by Westheimer Transfer & Storage, will make a long-distance move much easier and ensure nothing is broken. This will be particularly useful to you if you are trying to coordinate an out-of-state relative’s move. 

How Will Medical Equipment be Relocated? 

It is extremely important to ask your moving company how they can be sure no medical equipment will be damaged in the moving process. A reputable moving company will be happy to explain their procedures for moving medical equipment and detail how the equipment will arrive on-time in perfect condition. 

Coordinating Transportation of Persons/Pets 

Before the move, it is important to consider how you or a senior loved one and all pets in the household will comfortably make the move. Pets prefer to travel with their owners if possible, and you can help soothe the anxiety of four-legged friends by providing their favorite toys and blankets. 

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