What if you, as a business owner, could decrease your annual tax burden? What if you could find a location where corporate and personal state income taxes were as low as 0%; would you consider relocating your business?

Westheimer Transfer & Storage has helped with many Houston employee relocations to states where the taxes are lower, and the lifestyle is more attractive to employees.

Popular states for such moves include Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina.

If your business isn’t reliant on being in its current location, consider a move that would save you money and help you attract and retain the best employees!

Moving Your Business to Lower Your Income Taxes

Taxes are a big consideration in many decisions you make for your business. For many businesses, a move to a state with a lower tax rate makes sense. Take a look at the rates in the three states mentioned above:

Corporate Tax Rate: 4.458%
Income Tax Rate: 0%

North Carolina
Corporate Tax Rate: 2.5%
Income Tax Rate: 5.25%

Corporate Tax Rate: 0%
Income Tax Rate: 0%

You can learn more by visiting the Tax Foundation website.

Moving Your Business to Attract Employees

Lower taxes aren’t the only reason to consider a business move. Another is moving to a state that is attractive to current and potential employers. The beautiful beaches of Florida, sprawling mountains of North Carolina, and the stunning landscape of Nevada are examples of the features that employees will appreciate about living in these three states.

Trusted Houston Movers with More than a Century of Experience

Experience counts when choosing a mover, and few Houston moving companies have more experience than us. Since 1883, Westheimer Transfer & Storage has provided reliable moving services at affordable prices. Whether you’re moving one employee or an entire large staff, our employee relocation services make it easy.

As an Allied Van Lines agent, we’re part of a nationwide network of moving professionals, so we can help with your relocation anywhere in the country! We’re happy to work with your human resources department or with employees directly to coordinate the moves.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Full-Service Packing
  • Custom Crating
  • Furniture Padding
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Online Tracking
  • Third-Party Services
  • Storage Solutions
  • And More!

Call Westheimer Transfer & Storage today to learn more about our Houston employee relocation and moving services. You can also fill out our online form now to schedule a consultation and accurate cost estimate.