At Westheimer, our goal is to help our customers achieve easy and enjoyable transfers to anywhere they’re going in the world. As an Allied Van Lines agent, our team of residential movers has access to world-class resources and reputable third-party services to make the transfer of your family, your belongings, and your pets a smooth success.

If you’re moving with pets, you’re going to need to think ahead and organize a safe and stress-free travel experience for them. In this guide, we’ll share some of the most popular options available for moving pets and how you can incorporate each one into our moving plan. 

Finding the Best Option for Your Animal

The vast majority of pet owners in America own dogs and cats, but there are other pet species out there. Clearly, the needs of your pet during a move will depend on the type of animal you’re relocating with. A dog has different needs than a fish, a horse, or birds, just to name a few examples, so make sure to consider the best options available according to the species of your animals and how far away you’re moving. 

Horses are huge animals that will require shipping services, unless you’re moving them in your own horse trailer. If not, horse owners will need to find a reputable horse moving service that offers the necessary services needed to transfer it safely to the new location.

Airline Travel for Pets

Airline travel for pets is becoming increasingly more common, and these days it's not at all unusual to see a number of animals of different kinds in the airports of the world. If you’re moving long-distance and need to catch a flight to get there, having your pet moved at the same time as your flight is sometimes the best way to arrange transportation. 

Call ahead and ask the airline for information about traveling with your specific pet, and take careful note of the requirements. Most airlines will require vaccination records and certificates of health from your veterinarian, along with specific crate dimensions for your pet to travel safely. Additionally, space will be limited for a certain amount of crated animals in the cabin and in cargo. 

Depending on the type of animal you have, you may be able to take your animal with you in the cabin of the airplane. Typically this includes pets over 8 weeks old and under 20 pounds. Certain dog breeds and animals may not be allowed to fly, so be sure to ask about your airline’s policies before booking travel. For example, Brachycephalic dogs (flat-nosed, flat-faced dog breeds like Pugs, American Bulldogs, Brussels Griffons, and Pekingese) can have trouble flying due to breathing difficulties, and are not allowed on flights on certain airlines like American Airlines. 

Pet Shipping Services

Pet shipping services are sometimes the only options for homeowners, especially if their pet is a species not allowed on commercial airlines. Furthermore, many pet owners refuse to have their pets shipped in the cargo hold due to various dangers that they face when flying in hot or cold conditions. 

A pet shipping service will customize the perfect travel experience according to you and your pet’s needs. This could mean arranging ground, airline or sea travel, depending on your situation. The pet service is convenient because they handle all of the necessary paperwork required for moving a pet, which can be extensive when you’re moving abroad. They’ll also offer door-to-door service, another convenient perk.

Road Trip!

For most pet owners, taking your pet with you in your car is the best solution. Your pet will feel calm and secure with you, so choose this option if it’s possible. If you’re driving very far away, be sure to plan plenty of rest stops to let your animal breath, run around, and take bathroom breaks. Bring snacks for the car ride and a comfortable bed or crate for them to travel in for safety reasons. 

If you are driving with them, be sure to safely secure them every time you let them in and out of your vehicle. Many pets become confused during relocation, and can tend to run off during a rest stop or upon arrival at the new home. The last thing you’d want is to lose your pet during the move, so take the necessary precautions to ensure it doesn’t happen.

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If you’re moving long-distance, locally, or internationally, with pets or without, we can help you make your experience a great one. As one of the oldest and most trusted moving companies in Texas and an Allied Van Lines agent, Westheimer is proud to offer specialized services and customized moving and storage plans to suit your needs and budget.

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