There are 1,000 people moving into Texas everyday and only 793 licensed movers in the state according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

You must be careful with who you choose to handle your household belonging. First of all it is best to make sure you find one of those 793 licensed movers. To do so, go to
Texas has become the third worst state in the number of moving scams according to the FMCSA. One way to know that you are dealing with a licensed mover, is to make sure they provide you the following that is required under Texas law.

Texas law requires movers to give you:

  • A written proposal or estimate that shows either a guaranteed flat price (binding amount) or a “not to exceed” maximum amount for the move.
  • A written and signed contract before the move begins.
  • Standard liability of 60 cents per pound per item. (Note: It is unlikely standard liability will cover the cost of your item. Some movers offer the option to purchase an increased liability amount for goods or you can purchase insurance that will cover the cost of your possessions.)
  • A brochure that outlines your Rights & Responsibilities under Texas law.
  • Another copy of the contract upon completion of the move. This contract should include the total charge for the move; an itemized list of what the charges are for; and the method used to calculate the charges.
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