Houston Mover Review by Tom V.

Our move with Westheimer has been the BEST, most PROFESSIONAL move we've had in 35 years - and it was an INTERNATIONAL to DOMESTIC move on top of that. Westheimer handled all of our coordination and moving needs; all we had to do was let them know where and when to deliver our goods. The Westheimer staff walked us through all of our options, and made sure the move was RIGHT for OUR needs - a true "best service-best cost-BEST VALUE" transaction. The Westheimer driver showed up early enough to be ready to unload at the start time, he wasn't rushing us or hurried, he explained all of the documentation before we started the delivery (so there were no surprises at the end), and he helped us locate what we thought were missing items. At the end of the move, with our goods coming by truck overseas to storage overseas to a shipping container overseas to a ship to the US, then through customs onto a train into storage and then back onto a truck to be delivered to our home? BEST MOVE EVER! I wish our local moves were this smooth. THANK YOU WESTHEIMER!!!!